Praise & Prayer

We are so thankful for your prayers & support of Rescue.

 We will keep you updated with Prayer Requests & Praise Reports throughout the year. 

Praise Reports

  • In spite of covid, we can meet together without masks in our big “bubble”. The worship is wonderful as 2 yr. olds participate along with elderly Grannies. 

  • On Easter Sunday 29 young people, Grannies, and adults coping with AIDS were baptized in our swimming pool.

  • Place of Rescue staff, adults, and children bring their Sunday offerings which are used to help poor villagers in our area.  To date this year, they have given almost $4,000.  Most recently $1,100 was used to help 42 needy families in the area.

  • We have had some good rainfalls.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the covid crisis in Cambodia. It is very hard for the poor.  May all our Centers be kept free from covid.

  • We have some serious issues to resolve at Place of Rescue 2 in Mongkol Borey. Pray for roads to open so we can go there and pray for much wisdom and good resolution.

  • A House Mom broke her knee cap.  Pray for healing with no complications.

  • A young boy broke his arm.  Pray for healing with no complications

  • Some boys think it is cool to smoke.  Pray they will understand and be free.

  • Marie has been renting a little garden plot. The owner wants to sell his land now. Pray that we can find a good, equitable solution.