Praise & Prayer

We are so thankful for your prayers & support of Rescue.

 We will keep you updated with Prayer Requests & Praise Reports throughout the year. 

Praise Reports

  • There have been no cases of covid at any of our Place of Rescue centers.

  • There is great leadership and unity at Rescue 2, and most of the issues have been resolved.

  • The House Mom with the broken knee cap and the boy with the broken arm is healed.

  • One Granny went home to Jesus.

  • Rescue purchased an additional garden plot.

  • Place of Rescue 2 received several new children.

Prayer Requests

  • Covid continues to spread in Cambodia with 1122 deaths and around 800 new cases daily.

  • Marie Ens is in Bangkok awaiting an MRI for a spot of her lung. May the Lord Jesus give perfect peace to all concerning their Mak Yeay.

  • For everyone at all our centers to experience emotional healing by trusting Jesus.

  • That we find all the teachers we need for the High School at Rescue 1.

  • That we would find a very good, experienced dance and arts teacher soon.

  • We would gladly welcome new children who need to be with us.