Praise & Prayer

We are so thankful for your prayers & support of Rescue.

 We will keep you updated with Prayer Requests & Praise Reports throughout the year. 

Praise Reports

  • Nine people came with Blaine Sylvester, Canadian rep. for Rescue Cambodia, on a Vision Trip.  It was a wonderful & successful time.

  • From Place of Rescue 1, 3 girls were reunited with their mother now that her life has changed.

  • We received a new girl who has experienced much rejection in her life but now she is in a safe and happy place at Rescue 1

  • Place of Rescue 2 received children in the past couple of months.

  • A High School principal will be coming soon.

  • At Place of Rescue 1, 2 and 3 we have only a few behavioural problems.

Prayer Requests

  • We hope to be able to open our high school in December when the new school year begins.


  • Place of Rescue 2 had serious flooding so we need to raise the level of the property, including the houses and do extensive repairs on all the buildings.  We will need funding for this.

  • The new big super highway runs beside our property so we need to build a sound barrier which will also need funding.

  • One of the 12 year old boys came home drunk.  Pray that our children will understand and know how to resist temptation.

  • This is the season for planting vegetables.  May the Lord bless us with good crops.

  • We still need 4 more house Moms at Place of Rescue 1 and 1 more at Place of Rescue 3.

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