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Praise & Prayer

We are so thankful for your prayers & support of Rescue.

 We will keep you updated with Prayer Requests & Praise Reports throughout the year. 

Praise Reports

  • Unlike in North America where the school year ends in May or June, the new school year started for Cambodian children on December 1st. The children are settling well into their routines.

  • There were wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations at all our locations. Young adults who have become independent came back “home” to celebrate with us.

  • Many Cambodian businesses or groups of people have given us an abundance of supplies.

  • We are grateful for God’s protection and the good health we have experienced at all our Centres.

  • The flood repairs at Rescue 2 are almost complete. The good news is that there was no flooding in rainy season and no need to evacuate the kids as in the past!

  • The government authorities in the area where Rescue 2 is located have promised to fix the road in front of our property.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a good adjustment for 59 new children who joined us in 2023, and for the 3 who just arrived at the beginning of January.

  • Pray for the teenagers who have returned to live with their relatives in their villages, that they may reflect upon the love, learning, and faith they received while living at Rescue.

  • Pray for a good adjustment for one of our HIV women who has moved to Phnom Penh with her twins who just graduated from grade 12. The children will be going to university.

  • Pray that all our staff will have wisdom in caring for each and every child, granny, and HIV positive adult.

  • Pray for our 50 university and skill training students, especially the nine students who recently moved from Rescue 1 to Phnom Penh to start their post secondary career. Pray for success in their studies and relationships.

  • Pray for Henry, our Canadian volunteer as he teaches English as a Second Language and also models the Christian life in front of the students each day.

  • Pray for our English teacher, Sarah, who just returned to Canada as she prepares to return to Rescue in the Fall.

  • Pray for the group coming on the Vision Trip team in February with Blaine Sylvester. May they learn a lot and encourage all they are in contact with during two very busy weeks in Cambodia.

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