Praise & Prayer

We are so thankful for your prayers & support of Rescue.

 We will keep you updated with Prayer Requests & Praise Reports throughout the year. 

Praise Reports

  • Since the beginning of 2022 we have received 48 new children at our three Rescue centres.

  • Most everyone is healthy now after dealing with the Chikungunya virus earlier this year.  (causes fever and joint pain)​​

  • At Place of Rescue One we have hired a new couple to be house parents.


  • The new house father also has experience in agriculture which will be a real asset.

  • We continue to receive gifts of supplies from various local businesses and individuals here in Cambodia.

Prayer Requests

  • May the new children readily adjust and may their hearts be healed.

  • May everyone enjoy good health. A few of the adults are still coping with joint pains. (after effects of the Chikungunya virus)


  • May all our children and adults follow Jesus and make good life choices.


  • May the leadership at all our sites make wise decisions.


  • May all our students be motivated to apply themselves and find joy in their studies.

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