Our Staff

Rescue Cambodia's leadership and staff are comprised of all Cambodians. We want the kids to grow up proud to be Cambodian, to dream big and one day transform their own country from the inside out. We have over 90 staff, that include our leadership, house moms, house parents, caregivers for babies, grannies & adults living with AIDS, drivers, office workers, agricultural workers, seamstresses, school teachers, and a nurse.


Director of Rescue Cambodia

Pastor Sokthon Chhat


Director - Rescue II

Pov Kem Seing

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Rescue Cambodia Representative

Blaine Sylvester

Kim Un .JPG

Rescue Cambodia Committee Member

Kim Oun Kong


Director - Rescue III

Yann Thinang

Kong Kim.JPG

Rescue Cambodia Committee Member

Khim Kong


Advisor Rescue Cambodia

Marie Ens

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