Who We Are

Songkrua Chun Aus Songkum (Rescue) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the Cambodian government. We provide a haven for families living with AIDS, orphan children, and destitute elderly women. 

Rescue offers help to the helpless & hope to the hopeless. Rescue offers a future. Even when the orphan children grow up and go out into Cambodian society, Rescue will always be “home”.

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Rescue Cambodia is supported entirely by the generous donations of people who believe in what we are doing. 



Bek Chan

After many weekly visits to those who were sick and dying from AIDS at the military hospital in Phnom Penh, Marie Ens and her Cambodian colleagues realized this was just the tip of the iceberg. In 2002, AIDS was spreading rapidly within Cambodia and unlike today, the medication to combat it was not yet available. The situation was dire.  Wanting to do something tangible in response, Marie joined hands with some American missionary friends who had purchased some land not too far from the capital city. There surrounded by swaying palm trees and lush green rice fields, they built 16 simple homes with thatch roofs where families living with HIV/AIDS could come to be cared for and sadly for most of them, to die. But they would be safe, they would be cared for and they would hear about Jesus’ love for them and the hope of heaven. After her missionary friends moved on to another project, Marie and her Cambodian team decided they would need to add some homes for the children who were being orphaned when their parents passed away. Ten homes were built which could each house 10 boys or 10 girls and a house Mom. As those homes filled up, another block of 10 homes were added. Later on, two homes for elderly women were built and today Rescue is home to a couple of dozen delightful Grannies who have also been “orphaned”. Today if you came for a visit to Rescue Centre One you would find the place bustling with its own elementary school, a new high school, a learning centre, a youth centre, and lots of laughter and love.

Currently: 175+ Children, 23 Adults living with AIDS & 19 Grannies

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Mongkol Borey

This centre is located in northern Cambodia in the town of Mongkol Borey just an hour from the Thai border. When Marie first visited there in 2009, there were 70 kids living in two large hovels made of bamboo and thatch. Rescue offered to step in and help the group of local believers who were doing their best to care for these children with very limited means. Today there are twelve homes for boys and girls who are cared for by a loving Cambodian staff led by our new director who was recently installed.  As at all our centres, they grow much of their own food in some well-tended gardens alongside some well-stocked fish pens. Recently they began to raise ducks. Our House of New Dreams dorm is nearby in the city of Sisophan. It is home to young men and women from Rescue Centre Two who are pursuing their education in local universities.

Currently: 99+ Children



This centre is located in the town of Pailin in the Cardamon Mountains of western Cambodia just minutes from the Thai border. Formally the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge, today you can unearth rubies, sapphires, and diamonds if you are willing to venture into the distant hills where tigers roam! In 2011, Rescue decided it would place its third orphanage centre in this beautiful location.  The property is situated on a former banana plantation and there is lots of room for the kids to play.  As in the two other centres, there are ten boys or girls in each house. They are well cared for by our Cambodian staff. The government school is right next door just a short walk away.  In addition to their gardens and lots of banana trees, they are also keeping bees.  They (and all our centres) would love to have you visit someday!

Currently: 57+ Children

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At Rescue, we place a high value on education. All the children are encouraged to stay in school.  And when they finish high school and walk out the gates of our Rescue centres we don’t just say goodbye and good luck. We do our best to launch them towards adulthood and independence by encouraging them to pursue higher education or some kind of vocational training. Our generous donors help make this possible! Since the universities and training schools are found in the larger cities, Rescue decided to build dorms where our young adults could live while they pursue their education. They are aptly called The House of New Dreams. We have two dorms in the capital city of Phnom Penh as well as one more in the city of Sisophan in the north. Rescue partners with a local church that runs a solid program for university students offering them structure and mentorship. We currently have over 60 of our Rescue alumni studying at university and living in our dorms. Many others have already graduated and gone on to find jobs in Cambodian society. We will continue to encourage our young people to study hard and to pursue their dreams.

We currently have over 54 young adults from Rescue studying at university and living in one of our dorms.

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